Eichler Blueprints (Pretty Cool)

For the purist out there that want to maintain the original intention of the Eichler I think having the original blueprints from Anchen and Allen is key.

A lot of changes can happen to a home in fifty years so I think the original plans could be useful. Personally I don’t think I’m an Eichler purist. I keep what I think is practical and I try to stay with the “modern theme” but if I can’t afford it (or it just doesn’t make sense) I’ll change the look. Some things (like the exposed beams) need some rethinking.  The exposed beams can stay, they just need something to protect the tops from rotting.

And the kitchen, 1950’s kitchens are terrible.

Anyway, Eichler blueprints are available from eichler.blueprints@gmail.com in full scale sizes.  Pretty cool

Oh, please mention “eichler-blog” if you email him.




Here’s a picture from the E-71 blueprint sent from eichler.blueprints@gmail.com: