Accessorizing an Eichler

We finally finished the front of the house (minus landscaping) back in December by accessorizing.  We replaced our old front door, lights and house numbers seen here:

Old front door, lights and house numbers

With these beauties:

Eichler Entryway

The door is a solid core door purchased at San Rafael lumber.  It was not easy to cut, drill and hang- it was HEAVY!  We custom mixed the door color to come up with something that was like chartreuse with a bit of olive (we started with Gliden’s “Granny Smith Apple” matched to Eggshell Behr Ultra Paint, but had it adjusted a few times to make it more “olive” and less “neon”.

The sconce, doorknob, escutcheon (the plate around the doorknob), and deadbolt are from mid-century modern line at Rejuvenation.  Their website is not great- but they’re very helpful if you call or go into a store.  The store in Berkeley only carried the light, so we had to order the door hardware through the website/phone.  Originally the deadbolt didn’t have all the pieces so I called and they shipped the missing part over night.  The door hardware is pretty pricey (more than I wanted to spend but our neighbor talked Andy into it) but it’s as close to authentic as it gets and they’re commercial quality.  We went for the 5″ inset that was original to the Eichlers.

The peephole and house numbers are from Home Depot and we got the stainless steel door bottom guard from Ace Hardware (Andy did need to modify it a bit with his grinder to work with the slope of the floor in the atrium).  The LED security light on the left is from Costco.

Andy even made a custom stainless steel doorbell plate to work with our existing doorbell:

Custom Door Bell

We’re really happy with how the front of the house looks and have received several compliments from neighbors.  One neighbor even stopped by to tell Andy we had the “most improved house in the neighborhood”!  That really made Andy’s day 🙂

Eichler Facade